So Come On...

"So Come On..."  -Death Cab for Cutie, Trasatlanticism 

There are only four days left in 2019.  How are you going to spend them?  I am planning out several things for 2020, and I cannot wait to get started on the New Year.  Hence, The Lesson Plans for Living.  

I was going to wait until after New Years 2020 to post this, but I am feeling rather nostalgic about things right now.  So here we go!

I just did something that I've wanted to do for a couple of years... About 15 minutes ago, I renewed my domain and I'm writing once again.  I am so proud of myself for taking this opportunity and this leap of faith despite not having everything figured out quite yet.

I have created this place as an outlet to write nearly three years ago and then I got busy with Life and it fell to the wayside, as did several other ideas.  I am the self-appointed Queen of Projects, but I am also the worst at finishing anything.  All of my ideas are constantly in progress.  I am OK with this, but after some time with piles of projects laying around the house and in the internet bookmarks, Facebook, and my Pinterest boards, I know that I need to stop talking about the things and to actually do some of the ideas already.  

I am proud of what I have created, collected, planned, and for all of the inspirations behind it... so I knew that before the end of 2019, I wanted to start writing again.

I've been creating lesson ideas for school, mom life, personal goals, and other such things.  I want to have a place to share these ideas with anyone who wants to read about them.  It may just be my sister, best friend, and a few others who know me who will read about it, but I am convinced that I have a story that is special and needs to be shared.  

So come on...  There are only four days left in 2019.  How are you going to spend them?  I plan to write, make things, and listen to good music along with great friends.  

Have a great one. 
Love, Sarah


  1. I think I’m your evil twin. I’m also planning to write. I can’t say write more because I haven’t written anything in ages. I have so many ideas in my head - mainly the funny side of being single for the first time at 51. I also want to play the piano more. I started out in the 80’s as a piano major, but when I don’t have opportunities to play, I don’t practice. I’m looking into piano lessons to brush up some skills and have accountability, and I found a class at CALS that may help me jump start my writing. Here’s to 2020 and making our goals a reality. Thank you for sharing. You are an excellent writer.


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