Nine Years Ago

Good Morning, Friends.  

At 5:00AM this morning, I woke up and made my coffee, fought the cats off my desk (and away from my coffee), and then decided to read some of my older stuff. 

I had completely forgotten about the blog that I started several years ago called "The Adventures of Myself".  And when I say it was a blog, it was literally one post.  What happened, I can assume, is that graduate school started back up and life happened.  I got busy and forgot about it, which is typical for me.  

Nearly a decade later, I am going to attempt to not quit what I start.  It was a goal nine years ago, and I am going to continue with it into 2020.  

Below is a copy and pasted version of "The Adventures of Myself" and the one post that I wrote on January 4, 2011.  I was a newlywed at the time and in graduate school full-time.  Its been a lifetime since then, but my goals this year are pretty much the same.  

Here is to 2020 and actually doing the things that are my goals.  

Have a great one!
Love, Sarah

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolutions Smezolutions

Well, if you know me at all or very well... you know that religiously almost every year for the past decade or so I've gone to Barnes and Noble at the beginning of the year and purchased a new small black Moleskin journal with plans to take it and begin a new journal.  Nearly every year, I have spent about $20 on one of these puppies and I never really get that far through them before the newness of the year wears off and I put it aside saying that I'll start again fresh next year or after this and this happens.

This year, I've decided, rather, to start a blog.  Maybe it will help me to actually keep up with what I am doing better than the paper version as I have become a bit of an iphone/ipad freak with the overwhelming family obsession of my brand new husband's for amazing apple gadgets.

I really love the feeling of a brand new year.  Its a new year with new starts and new things to look forward to with the ability to put what didn't happen in last year's box and just move on forward.  Its just so refreshing... and it tops the list as one of my favorite feelings out there.  And rather than sitting here and comprising a list of things that I didn't accomplish in previous years that I'd like to accomplish this year, I am just going to move forward with a personal promise to myself and my future family to take better care of myself.  Specifically, my diabetes needs better taking care of.  I don't do horrible... but I need to do better.  So here's to trying harder at 'the beetus'.  I want to get my A1C levels down to a manageable level

Also, this year, I'd like to be more productive in my abilities to create things (aka, I want to do a better job of finishing projects that I buy things for and not moving on until I finish that specific project).  I have a horrible track record of starting twenty things at the same time and not really finishing anything so I'm going to work on this.  There has been thoughts of maybe opening up an etsy store with my crocheted items since I've got about a ton of yarn that I can make things out of.... but we'll see.  I'm taking five classes this upcoming semester so we will have to see how much time I have.  I'd also love to learn how to knit this year... but every time I sit down and decide that I'm going to learn how, I also just start to crochet something instead.  Maybe its true that you really are usually an either or type.  I want to bridget this, though, still, and learn a new craft.

And I would also like for my cooking abilities to blossom a bit.  And I want to take pictures of it all and post it on here.  We'll see if this works out or not...

I know I said I wasn't going to do a list but being the eternal list maker that I am, here it is:
  • Take better care of my diabetes (Specifically, get the A1C down around 6.5-7 by 3/23)
  • Continue to create things but get better at finishing something before starting something else 
  • Possibly open an Etsy store?
  • Possibly learn how to knit.... take a class maybe?
  • Be better at posting pictures onto facebook
  • Cook more homemade yummy nutritious foods
  • Finish reading all of the Harry Potter books before the last movie comes out this summer
  • Start exercising in some way every day (and support Chris in his efforts to do so, as well)
  • Attempt to do the dishes, laundry, and floor cleaning at least every other day
So here's wishing me a good start to 2011.  Its my first year being married and that alone is a wonderful beginning to the year and gives me every reason to take better care of my health, body, mind, and soul.  I'm looking forward to it all!  :-)
-Sarah 'Mason Jar' Isgrig


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