Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls

I am embarking on a new adventure with our family as a homeschool Mom and I cannot wait to get started.  It feels like a natural transition to adapt to being a homeschooling parent, but I am crazy nervous about it all the same.  I found this quote from the picture above and it is providing me with some solace as I plan out my first week of homeschool.  

"Not all classrooms have four walls."

I have never heard this before, which kind of shocks me since I don't know if a more exact quote to my philosophy of education has ever been read before.  It's true...I feel like life is a great educator all by itself without formal schooling being involved.  Most of the history and science I have learned in my recent years comes from experiences in National Parks and nature in my own backyard.  Most of my understanding of literature or poetry comes from just reading, not what has been assigned to me as a student.  Maybe I just have a healthy curiosity when it comes to these things, but I really do feel this way.  

Wish us luck as we get started! 


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