Happy Sunday, Friends!  We tackled IKEA, the Memphis Galleria Mall, and then dinner at Huey's.  Slept like babies at the hotel and are we're now on our way home to clean the house and put all of this IKEA stuff together that we got.  I'm pretty excited about it. 

This weekend was such a great mini-vacation... makes me want for a bigger trip this summer to somewhere relaxing like maybe a trip to Seaside or a cruise, assuming that it is safe to take a trip because of Covid-19 and because of graduate school classes.  

Speaking of grad school, I am excited to get started.  (I think) that I start on January 14th, but I need to double check when the class actually starts. I've got my book and my email set up.  I've got my new highlighters and I started tabbing the book until the tabs got unsticky and I had to taken them off. I'm ready to start, I think.  Still kind of nervous about being "too busy", but I think that I'll do ok enough to make it. 

Today, I need to catch up on grading and lesson planning for the week ahead.  We MAY get a snow day tomorrow, but no promises.  I've got both computers at home and I'm ready assuming it happens though.  It'd be great to just get a SNOW DAY...and not have to work from home but I think that those days have passed, sadly. If it snows though, trust me, Norah and Chris and I are gonna play our hearts out in the yard. 

Have a great day, Friends!  It's a great day to have a great day! :) -Sarah


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