"It didn't seem like she'd left long ago and let her own folks go..."

We are on our way to Memphis right now. Norah and Chris are singing and we're having a grand old time.  We're going to be going to IKEA today and a few other fun Memphis places like Knowledge Tree and "big fun outside park place" that I can never remember the name of. 

The lyric up above from "Wide Open Spaces" makes me think about how I'm getting older and slowly but surely becoming an adult.

We are going to IKEA to get a new rug but we aren't going to only get a few things that we "really need to get."  It's a new thing, but we have a basic budget for what we want to spend on this trip this weekend.  We're going to stay at a hotel (big deal, since we've barely left the city besides our 2020 Camping Trip to Colorado).  We're going to go eat at Huey's.  We're going to probably find a toy store or maybe Knowledge Tree to go visit for Norah and we'll probably get her something she doesn't need, but a modest thing she can pick out and will enjoy.  Anyways, I'm excited to get out of town on a budget.

Have a great weekend, friends!  :) -Sarah


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