It was supposed to snow this morning.  It didn't snow, and I am so incredibly disappointed along with all of the other teachers out there.

I've got a song stuck in my head... "Alaska" by Little Hurt.  It's got explicit lyrics, but I wish I could listen to it at school because its super catchy.  It talks about moving to Alaska and hating snow but taking a chance and just doing the things.  I love this song and Norah knows all of the lyrics, which makes me smile when I hear her sing it. 

My grad school class starts tomorrow and I'm actually really excited to start it.  I feel like I've got a good habit of waking up early to do things so I'll have a good routine set up for my "homework time".  

I've also started doing crafts while I read or do grade things so it doesn't feel so much like "work", which is fun.  I'm currently crocheting 1) a hat, 2) a scrunchie hair bow thing, 3) a baby blanket for my neighbor's baby girl who was just born, and 4) a backpack purse that I started in the summertime during our vacation.

Have a great day today, Friends.  It's a great Monday!  :) -Sarah


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