Keep Your Head Up. Keep Your Heart Strong.

This quote from The Lumineers is perhaps my favorite song, ever.  "Stubborn Love" is perhaps the best Tiny Desk Concert from NPR that I have ever had the chance to witness on Youtube and I love it so much.

I'm proud of myself for waking up super early this morning to start the practice for whenever I have my grad school class start.  I slept ok, but tossed and turned somewhat.  

Honestly, even though the virus is at terrible numbers right now, I am excited to go back to school.  I'm nervous about the numbers, don't get me wrong... I just look forward to getting back into a routine again. 

I'm pretty excited about the Word of the Day and starting my class blog with my students is quarter.  I'd also like to do Literature Circles with our next class novel, but I haven't yet figured out how to do this with a hybrid teaching model and hold kids accountable for reading the book.  

I just turned my Fitbit app back on so I can start to track my miles and sleep patterns.  I really would love to get a treadmill, but I am not sure where it would fit at in our tiny house.  Maybe the attic project someday.  I'm rambling.  I need to just remember that my goal for the year is to take more walks with Norah, so I'll just do that.  

Personal goals for the day would be to figure out how to pay for this class I'm signed up for with my tuition reimbursement payment from school and to pay for the class.  I'd also like to finish grading all of the work from last quarter and get grades submitted, lessons planned for the week, and things logged into Schoology for the week.  

Have a great day, friends!  -Sarah :)


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