The New Year

So this is the New Year. It is finally 2021 and 2020 can kiss it.

2020 has gone and passed and we are now at the start of another brand spanking new collection of 365 days (really it is 365-2=363 days since I didn't technically write this until the night of January 2, 2021. Technicalities.)

I am not really sure what it is about this song and this band that gets me but it is this exact same song that has inspired me from last year and almost every other New Years in my adult life to reflect upon the past year and to look forward to what is to hopefully come.  

I don't want to make a ton of resolutions, but I do have some goals for this upcoming year. 

1. Start a consistent effort to hit 10,000 steps a day.  Along with this goal, I would like to take more walks with Norah after school when it is possible. 

2. Dive in head first with my efforts to go back to graduate school for Gifted and Talented Teaching Certification.  I have to do it for my job currently, but I am truly excited and nervous about it all at once.  I pray that I can just get started right away, catch a rhythm, and do my best while also being a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Teacher, Friend, etc.

3. Start blogging with my students in January.  I downloaded a thingy that is supposed to help me teach how to do this.... but this "blog" is also a way of me practicing what I preach.  I want to let my students develop a love of writing and reading and I would like to form a more perfect union between my virtual kids and my in-person kids.  It's hard, teaching in two places simultaneously, but I'm doing it and I am proud of myself for making it this far this school year.  

4.  I want to start consistently writing each day, right here.  I love notebooks and pens and paper more than probably anyone else on the planet, but I think I will be more consistent with the practice if it is on the computer.  I will still continue with my bullet journal, but I want to start writing actual paragraphs and reflections, not just to-do lists and a timekeeper.

5. My word of the year will be FOCUS. I think it is appropriate to the year that is upon me and I like that it is short and sweet.  (Last year's word was ENOUGH and it really did help me to survive the year.) This year, I will focus on Me, my family, and my students.  

6.  I want to remember not to forget myself though in all of my focusing.  I vow to take more bubble baths, paint my nails, do facemasks with my bffff on virtual face mask nights, and make things whenever I have the time.  I have developed a long-lost love of all things crochet and I really do love making things out of yarn.  So I vow to do self-care and creating time at least once a week.

7. I want to continue to give myself grace, attempt to finish things that I start, and love with all of my heart.  

Have a good one, friends. :) -Sarah Mason Jar Isgrig


  1. Oh snap, bffff got a shout out! Love you! 2021 is your year!


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