Today is the last day of Christmas break.  I'm trying to decide if this is a sad thing or if I am happy and excited to get back into a routine again.  I think it may be a little bit of both. 

Thinking back on this past year, I am really proud of a few things that I have accomplished.  This is a basic list, not in any specific order of importance.  So here is my 2020 Gratitude List:

1. I have discovered that if I have pretty nails, I am less likely to pick at my cuticles or bite/chew my nails.  I attribute this to the discovery of my friend, Pateal, and her Nail She Shed polish strips.  I love them and just placed an order for new colors.  I especially like how the glittery ones are super pretty and how there is zero drying time so I can stick them on and do things in the middle of the process if I need to.  Love these Color Street nails so much. 

2. I have grown my hair out.  It is about as long as it ever has been in my entire life right now and I am proud of myself for this.  Granted, yesterday I cut my own bangs and I am still on the fence as to if this was a good idea or not... I am staying away from the salon though because I don't think I have the guts to not just chop it all off if I go in there (although I do miss my hair person, Michael, though and I need to just text him to say hi and let him know I'm still alive.). 

3. I have survived through a global pandemic without getting sick so far.  I'm a little bit scared to type this as it feels like testing the fates that I will get sick in the future with it... but Covid-19 sucks, ya'll.  The idea of getting it is terrifying.  Multiple friends and family and people who I know have had it.  Some have died and some are recovered.  The lingering effects of the virus vary, but it all seems super scary to go through.  Mom has already gotten the vaccine since she lives at a long-term-care facility and hopefully Chris and I will be on the next rounds of getting it within the next few weeks.  

4. I'm doing pretty great as a Mom so far.  Norah is an amazing little human and I love watching her grow.  She really can be a toot sometimes, but I love her just the same and more and more every single day.  She is starting to read, friends!  I cannot be more proud of her for this!  Hopefully in the next few months she will really get the hang of it and we can start reading together every day.  I'd like to do more reading with her in 2021, not just bedtime stories, but make it a part of our daily practices around the house.  Goals for 2021 would be to get Norah to reading with help by the end of the school year.  I am hoping that she will see me reading and doing homework for school and then she will want to follow along with me.  "Practice what you preach".

5. Lastly, we are feeling pretty confident in the employment department right now.  For the first time In forever, I have a great teaching job at an awesome school and I really love what I am teaching.  This year has come with several challenges, but I am truly happy with where I am at.  I pray that I can continue where I am at doing what I am doing for next school year also.  I'm nervous about going back to school for GT Certification courses, but I think it is truly my niche.  "Gifted and Talented and Creative Teaching" is the name of the textbook I just got in mail for my first class... (it looks super boring because there are no pictures and the font is super tiny), but I hope it has wonderful ideas and pedagogy for me to embark upon in the upcoming months.  

I could come up with more things, but I think this is a great list to start out the day with.  Today, I plan to crochet, clean off this mess of a desk at my house, do laundry, get Starbucks, do some "work" for school (clean out my inbox, set up my third quarter folders on Schoology, finish grading things to submit grades tomorrow during work day, lesson plan some things like "Word of the Day" and "How to start Blogging in the Classroom" and the "Independent Student Research Projects" in both my GT Seminar classes and my English classes, etc.)  

I very well might just start crocheting and then not get to any of the work stuff, but I will take a shower and fix my hair and get grocery pickup at 10:00 along with a Starbucks.  Whatever happens, here's to a restful and productive Sunday. 

Have a great one, friends! -Sarah :) 


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