Yesterday was one of the saddest and scariest days that I can remember since the Twin Towers were hit on September 11th.  

Rioters and Protesters stormed the Capitol in Washington D.C.  People were shot and four people have died so far. Multiple people were hurt.  The windows and furniture were destroyed and people were carrying guns.  It was out of control... and we watched it on the Smartboard during my GT Seminar class.  

Students were texting their parents.  One student started to tear up and asked me "Am I safe?" and I wasn't sure what to say.  I responded that "Your home is safe and school is safe..." but I wasn't exactly sure if I was telling the truth or just saying something to give encouragement.  

There should be a peaceful transfer of power.  This is how our democracy is supposed to work.  Hopefully it will be more peaceful moving forward into the next few days whenever President Elect Joe Biden takes the place of our current president.  

I hope and pray that today is better than yesterday.  

Have a good day today, friends. Love you all. :) -Sarah


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