In today's GT Seminar Class, we are writing opinion blog posts.  I would like to express my opinion for why I think that they should turn on the Air Conditioner System at Pulaski Heights Middle School.

I can think of several reasons for why they should turn on the air conditioning, but the main (and probably most important reason) is because I think that it is way too hot in our classrooms for my students to learn adequately.  We are getting ready to embark upon standardized testing week, as well.  Testing week is stressful for students, and it is inevitable that everyone, including all of the teachers and students, will be sweaty.  This will eventually lead to irritableness and eventually grumpy test-takers.  

These are some reasons why I feel that the LRSD should turn on the air conditioning at PHMS.  It is super hot up in here.


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