It Will All Be Alright

 Well.  It's been some time since I have written.  Life has been busy but good... I've had to move my classroom two times in the past few months and we've had countless virtual days since I've last written due to a crazy snow storm, storm damage at PHMS, and a million other interruptions. 

Today, I will try to focus on the hear and the now.  Not the things that I wish I had accomplished two weeks ago, but the things that I can plan for and try to do today and tomorrow.  

Today, I want to do these things: 

  • Hang posters back up on the wall in the classroom
  • Grade all of the outstanding assignments (nearly 500 things, I swear it.)
  • Plan out my Phantom Tollbooth Unit
  • Organize my "Teacher Stuff Table" of things
  • Plan out my blogging unit for my GT Seminar Classes
  • All of the other things
  • Everything else
  • Norah's Dance Class at 4:50 (Don't Forget!)
Wish me luck!  I'm excited to get my students back tomorrow!!! :-)

Have a great day, Friends!  <3 -Sarah


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